Internet Based Home Businesses – So Many Options, So Few Choices

Every day, thousands of people sit down at their personal computer with one objective: to research the internet for a business they can operate out of their home. It should come as no surprise to anyone doing a general “home based business” keyword search on their favorite search engine results in a multitude of options to choose from. However, upon closer examination it becomes apparent that many of the results are ridiculous scams that nobody in their right mind would purchase and completely lack any proof of credibility. While the internet is flooded with home based business opportunities, it is virtually void of any that offer a genuine and honest system that is not a high risk venture.

This sentiment was echoed in a recent discussion with my neighbor. She informed me that she had been scouring the internet for several days trying to find any business that offered a shred of legitimacy and credibility. Discouraged and disappointed, she resigned herself to the thought that nothing existed. I would like to share with you the insight that I provided her.

Solid home based businesses do exist but they are difficult to find. You would think that the authentic home based businesses would rise to the top of the internet keyword searches. Oddly enough, they do not. They remain repressed, buried, and difficult to find. The obvious question that arises from this statement is, why are these business opportunities so hard to find? The reason is simple, the companies that offer the business have very stringent rules and regulations that limit what retailers are able to claim about the company, its products, and income potential.

On the surface, this sounds like a ridiculous position for a company to take. But, contrary to your immediate reaction this is a very good thing! It protects the credibility and legitimacy of the company and products. It keeps intact the very thing you are searching for in a home based business opportunity.

The following five guidelines will provide you a checklist that will help you find what you are looking for in a home based business.

1) Is there already an overwhelming market presence of the business opportunity you are going to invest in? Just like buying stock, you want to get into the business when it is fresh to the market and its market presence is not saturated. There are many great business opportunities out there that have reached their saturation point. Although it is a great company with a great product, you immediately face hundreds if not thousands of people selling the same product with the same message as you. Good luck!

2) Does the business and the individual presenting the business to you have credibility? Don’t confuse a great sales message or numerous testimonials with credibility! Are they pitching hope to you when you are in a difficult situation or are they clearly communicating a credible and genuine message? If you cannot tell the difference, then your conscience is telling you to keep looking.

3) Does the business you will be buying into have a real product? This is a monumental question! Is this product or idea something that has inherent value and people will want to buy it? Keep in mind, a product is much easier to sell than an idea or concept. Trying to sell hope of someday becoming rich is far more difficult to sell than a product that will immediately impact an individuals health, wellness, or personal and financial well being.

4) Are people currently in the business making an adequate income? Do not accept a “print out” of someone’s bank statement with any and all validation data blurred out. How are you supposed to know if that income is from their home based business or a different job? Insist on documentation from the company itself stating the average income of all independent business owners. If someone is unwilling to produce this documentation, they just failed guideline #2. Keep shopping.

5) Lastly, does the company and individual you will be doing business with offer initial and ongoing training? Operating an online home based business is difficult and most people fail. What support systems are in place to give you the help you need to be successful?

As previously stated, finding the right home based business is difficult. Utilize the five guidelines that I have provided you to make sure the online home based business you begin is successful today, tomorrow, and for years to come.