Expert Business Coach Shows How To Work On Your People

When it comes to successful business growth – one of the key differences that separates the successful business owners from the average ones…

Is what the business owner ‘works’ on – when they have employees.

I have noticed that the best business owners work on improving their employees…

Why? Well, so that the employees learn and then do certain tasks that the business owner used to do.

By doing this, the owner can remove themselves from the ‘day-to-day’ running of the business so that they can work on areas that can grow the business – and/or do the things they enjoy doing.

Like playing golf, going on holidays, spending time with their families.

On the other hand, the average business owner continues to work ‘in’ the business despite having employees. For a number of reasons the average business owner says that they don’t have the ‘time’ to improve their employees.

As a result, the employees lack the skills and/or the freedom to do the tasks that would free up the business owner from the day-to-day running of the business.

So guess what happens? The business remains dependent on the Business owner.

So the Business owner has to continue working.

Despite having employees, the business owner is still working a million hours… but the business never seems to grow to the levels that the business owner is hoping for – even though they’re working harder than they ever have.

Does this sound familiar?

Let’s explore how this happens.

The average business owner that wants to grow their business – but find it very hard to grow successfully… tends to do the following.

They have a business – and it’s growing. Early in the business it’s just the owner and maybe a few others. The business is growing, and the owner is working a million hours.

The average business owner knows that they should employ staff, but they put it off and put it off, until they can’t possibly cope with the workload anymore.

So they hire new staff at the last minute.

Usually the new person is employed in such a hurry that the business owner doesn’t have the time to train them. Because the business is so busy.

After all, the business owner has been working a million hours, so they’re probably feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed.

They’re typically not feeling in control and calm – that’s for sure.

And the business owner usually doesn’t have a system to hire appropriately skilled or passionate people.

Because they don’t have a proven hiring system, the staff that are employed can often lie their way through interviews telling the owner that they do have skills – when they actually don’t.

You know how the story goes…

Anyway, a new person is hired.

But because the business is busy, and the business has no real induction or training system to get the new employees up to speed – the business owner continues to focus on doing the work themselves.

When the owner checks to see how the new employee is performing, they get disappointed because the new person doesn’t have the ‘skills’ or the initiative to do things properly.

So the business owner steps in to ‘do it themselves’ because they think that they can ‘save time’ by doing it themselves.

It’s at this time the business owner starts proving to themselves that ‘no-one can do it as good as me’.

And they are correct. Of course no-one can do it as good as them – because no one has taught the new employees properly.

So the average business owner continues to do the ‘day-to-day’ things, and take over from their staff when the staff aren’t doing the right things…

By continuing to do the work that the employees are suppose to do, the staff very quickly realize that the business owner will always ‘save the day’.

So they back off on their productivity, and their passion.

The staff quickly learn how to ‘hide’ in the business so that they just get by.

They become ‘clock watches’. They turn up to work, to watch the clock and as soon as it turns 5pm – they’re out of there.

And this hurts your customers. Because the customers of the business receive inconsistent levels of service.

The customers quickly begin to realize that if the business owner serves them – they may get extraordinary service.

And if the staff serves them – they’ll get inadequate service.

If the service is poor and inconsistent the customers will start to get annoyed. They’ll literally ask for the owner every time they come into the business. Because they know they’ll get the service they want.

And that’s a sign of a poorly trained team.

As a result the customers end up going somewhere else, the business suffers, the sales and profits dwindle – and the business owner blames it on the ‘staff’.

The business owner may then go into “see I told you I can’t find the right people’.

The average business owner has tried to grow the business, yet misses a few crucial things that makes them miss out on the rewards of a successful business.

The result is unhappy staff, unhappy customers, a business that barely makes any money – and an owner that works around the clock, stressed and overwhelmed for little or no return.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can quickly and easily turn this around, if you’re in this position, or even better you can completely avoid it by following my guidance.

Every great business owner that I know, that has successful business growth follow a number of specific steps to get them out of the situation I’ve just outlined.

And it’s crucial for the growth of your business too.

It’s wonderfully easy when you learn how to do it for your situation.

Let’s look at what the best business owners achieve by following these specific steps – and what you could possibly achieve by following my guidance.

Firstly – your staff will have the right skill sets and attitude to work in your business. Plus they’ll improve and grow rapidly (faster than you may think). This means that you can comfortably rely on them to get the ‘job-done’.

By focusing on getting the team up to the standard you can be assured that in a few weeks or months they’ll be at the point where you can depend on them.

They’ll be doing a great job and delivering consistent levels of service.

As a result you can now forget about having to ‘look over their shoulder’, or forget about having to ‘save the day’ like other average business owners.

Because your staff are now producing – you have freed yourself up from the day to day running of the business – so you can focus on ways to grow and improve your business.

And you can even spoil yourself with reduced work hours, time off and even holidays.

Imagine that?

Now, back to your staff.

Because they’re learning, growing and producing you’ll be happy with them and they’ll be happy with themselves – and of course they’ll be happy working for you.

And it’ll rub off on your customers.


Because your customers will get great consistent service from your entire business.

So what will this mean to your business?

For a start, your customers won’t always be asking for you, because they know your staff are consistent – so you won’t feel trapped.

Because of this consistency your customers will reward your business with their repeatable profitable custom, positive word of mouth and ongoing referrals to your business.

Now you’ll have a business where the team are growing and happy, your customers are happy and raving about you, and your financials are healthy and very profitable.

That’s right, your business will be profitable which means you’ll be making great money – and remember, your staff will be doing most of the work… so you’ll not only be making great money – you’ll also have ample free time.

Can you see, hear and feel what’s happening to your business?

Multi-millionaire business owners always tell me that the most important part of their growth – is good people. They’ll always hire people that know more and perform better than them on the certains task they are employed for.

People are one of your greatest assets as a business owner. And like any asset you need to invest in it to get returns.

Invest your time and your focus on growing your people to do better than you. That way you’ll have the time to grow your business.

On my one-on-one business coaching program I take my clients through this process step by step so that they can fast track their growth – with the safety and peace of mind knowing that they are following a process that has worked time and time again.

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